Listerine and Fire Ant Bites?

Fire ants can be dangerous to your animals. Most ants bite and spray formic acid on the wound but fire ants only grip the skin with their mandibles (jaws) and then sting from their abdomen to inject alkaloid venom called Solenopsin.
It is hard to prevent your pet from getting bitten but you can treat the bites with many remedies including Listerine mouth wash. This antiseptic mouthwash contains about 27 percent alcohol and herbal oils eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol. These herbal oils have not only antiplaque and antigingivitis but also antifungal and antibacterial properties.
I just returned from our camping trip in Lake Powell. I had to watch where I was walking my dogs since there were desert prickles everywhere. One hazard that I overlooked was the fire ant sting. One day one of our dogs stepped on one of them. I removed it but it was too late. The poor Chihuahua was in pain the whole walk back to our RV. He did not put his foot down under any circumstance and was licking the wound profusely.
I decided to search the web (yes we take our laptop on camping trips) to find treatments for fire ant bites. Since our supplies in our RV were limited, I had no other choice than use Listerine. I was surprised how quickly my dog became agile again. The dog was licking the mouthwash but that just added one more benefit – to refresh his breath. First, I did not believe it would work but it really did work and I decided to share this with all pet lovers.
Here are some other remedies that I found on the web:
          Baking soda and water (thick paste)
          Bleach and water (half and half)
          Benadryl gel
          Meat tenderizer and water (thick paste)
          Salt (thick paste)
          Tea Tree oil (may be good for other insect bites)
          Aloe gel
          Fresh piece of onion
I hope you won’t have to worry about fire ant stings but it is always good to be prepared, right?

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